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C'est Victoria. Et vous?
Je crois dans l'amour de Dieu. Mon adresse e-mail est: torywood@gmail.com et mon facebook est ici. Regardez-moi voler. Aimer, ce n'est pas se regarder l'un l'autre, c'est regarder ensemble dans la même direction.


Mon Anniversaire
dimanche, novembre 7

  • Jessie and Vic slack at home
  • Met Cesar and Othman at Pyramides
  • Looked for Sapporo's
  • word of the day: "slack"
  • Got caught in the rain, drenched!
  • Ate our nutella cookies under a shelter in the november rain
  • Had dinner at random restaurant japonais
  • Lol-ed Cesar using baguette
  • Pez Presents for everyone!
  • Jessie Squidward, Othman Gary, Cesar Patrick, Vic Spongebob
  • Chopsticks peas competition!
  • Post-dinner walk in heavier rain, too cold!
  • Movie at L'Opera
  • Vous allez rencontrer un bel et sombre inconnu
  • Tap tap + Doodle Find
  • bon-bon!
  • Too much talking (Woody Allen film...)
  • Bus to Chatelet
  • Photo time!
  • birthday girl gets to be tallest
  • Othman camera shy as usual
  • la-bas!
  • c'est bon!
  • Bus to Republique
  • Long walk home in the cold

vic @ 12:03 PM

shortskirtlongjacket - Cake
jeudi, octobre 7

so tutorial today was a disaster. my answers were ALL WRONG for exercise one. SIGH. this continued with a worksheet on isobars, air pressure, formation of depressions, anticyclones and types of clouds IN FRENCH. i know it shouldn't be a surprise to me, but i just felt so lost. grrr.

so i went for a walk to look for Hermes since HoHo wanted me to check out his Birkins. in my sweater and jeans i walked down st germain de pres. LV was selling luggage labelled SGP and i was thinking, why does it say Singapore?!?! then i realised it was St Germain de Pres. CHEY. anyway, Singaporeans could buy it and use in Singapore too!

Walked into GAP since there was a sale. The shop boy looked EXACTLY like Peter S. Hedger. WTH. He looked like how I imagined Peter to grown up into (very unlike reality: cue beer belly and rock n roll). So I did the dumbest thing I could do. Stare at his face as he talked to me in his french accented english. sssiiiiggggghhhh. WHAT IS MY LIFE. How can someone halfway across the world look so much like the primary school boy I fancied? Strange, but made my day slightly better. (:

Next, walked into Longchamp to check out their bags since everyone is asking me to get one because I'm in Paris. Sorry to disappoint, but I refuse to walk into their store ever again. Their service was lousy, and treated me like I was invisible. Racist shop girl just "bonjoured" me halfheartedly and continued to serve other customers thus blocking my path! So I just calmly walked out and "diao" her as I walked out with pride. (Childish I admit, but I'm no pushover!)

After that bad experience at Longchamp, I continued just walking aimlessly along the little streets and found myself in a cute boutique . The shop lady was so nice to me (: this was a huge factor for me in my decision to buy a bag and pouch. Sure it was slightly steep in price and not a luxury brand but that's what I love about shopping. Buying brandless pretty looking stuff from nice kind people who deserve the money :) Oh look I found their website! La Boutique de Louise

I went home for a home-made dinner with Jessie and her friend Danielle from Michigan. (: Glad the day ended on a higher note. Thankful and full of praise for how this week is turning out.

Hope everyone else is doing well. Take care world! Bisous!

vic @ 4:20 AM

dream on - NeilPatrickHarris&MatthewMorrison
samedi, juin 5

current status:

woohoo! having an awesome time, can't update much tho. gonna sleep soon. weekend tmr! :D

take care people!

vic @ 12:46 AM

pokerface - LeaMichele&IdinaMendel
lundi, mai 31

been busy this last week. i'm supposed to feel fulfilled and accomplished with all these things that i've done. things like meeting up with old friends, reading the books i want to read, having the quiet time i always wanted, watching re-runs, playing tons of squash and running.

anyway, saturday was a day to be thankful for. :) participated in nparks biodiversity race, and came in second! getting two novelty prizes! i love the singapore stamp album given. the new friends made with ntu, such nice people! and i discovered so much about butterflies and dragonflies. learnt to appreciate the biodiversity that singapore has, amidst all our hectic lives. thanks celine for getting us to join such competitions!

now, back to reality.

i love this movie. SO MIND BLOWING. i hope ivan can pass it to me. christopher nolan is one of the best director and writer of this generation. i can't wait for inception. LUCID DREAMING. and the disgustingly good cast. and hans zimmer for music. ahhhh. i thought i wanted to talk about coming back to reality? okay, maybe reality just sucks.

vic @ 4:03 PM

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